Scientist Network

Phillip L. Ackerman
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I study adolescent and adult skills and intellectual development from a "whole-person" perspective that takes account of cognitive abilities, personality, interests, motivation, and self-concept.

Tammy Allen
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I study work-family, occupational health, career development across the lifespan, mindfulness, and organizational citizenship behaviors.

Sonia Alvarez-Robinson
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I am interested in employee engagement, culture and performance, human/computer interaction, and adult learning.

Sonit Bafna
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I study the built environment and its relationship with social, cultural, and imaginative aspects of life with a focus on understanding how the organization of building spaces shapes both task-related behaviors and social life. 

Boris Baltes
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My research interests are on age and workplace issues as well as work-family conflict/balance for older workers.

Tara Behrend
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My research has to do with the ways technology is changing the world; especially with regard to skills development.

Maraget Beier
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My research interests focus on predicting success for adults in organizations and educational settings.

David Blustein
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My research, teaching and practice is devoted to creating a broad and inclusive approach to understanding the role of work in people’s lives, optimally encompassing everyone who works and who wants to work. 

Alice Brawley
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I study novel worker populations including gig workers and family micro-businesses.

Terry Blum
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My research focuses on disability and work, behavioral health, and leadership.


Darrell Norman Burrell

My research focuses on diversity and inclusion in the workplace with special emphasis on conflicts related to differences driven by religion and race.



Nathan Carter
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My research interests focus on personality and work, decision-making of job applicants, and the history of work & working.


Gilad Chen
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My research interests focus on teams, motivation, leadership, and employee and unit effectiveness.

Hali A. Chambers

I am interested in small business succession planning.

Malissa Clark
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I study dynamic work and family processes for individuals and working couples, emotions at work/home, and workaholism.

Muriel Clauson

My research focuses on the future of work and exponential technologies.


Ayanna R. Cummings

I am interested in social power and organizational culture, consumer purchase behavior, and ethical decision-making.

Frank Durso
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I am interested in the strategies workers select to keep performance high and workload low.

Lisa Finkelstein
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My research interests focus on the aging workforce.

Gwen Fisher
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My research examines occupational health psychology, aging workforce and retirement, and work/family issues.

Franco Fraccaroli
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My research interests are on age and work, organizational well-being, and workaholism.

Kim French
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My research interests center around work-family issues and health with a focus on underrepresented populations.

Heidi Geller

I am interested in work-life balance, and transitions.

Alexander Gloss
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My research interests are in humanitarian work psychology, the relationship of socioeconomic development and work, and entrepreneurship.

Andrew Goldblatt

I am interested in selection, assessment, executive leadership development, and the impact of technology on all three areas.

C. Alan Gorman
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My research focuses on performance management, training, leadership, and individual differences in work behavior.

Mikki Hebl
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My research focuses on diversity management, gender issues, and discrimination.

Eric Heggestad
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My research interests are on talent acquisition, the development of assessment tools, and the use of assessment tools in work contexts.

Verlin Hinsz
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My research focuses on the social and informational factors related to judgment and decision making (in teams) and work motivation.

Tiffany Johnson
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My research focuses on diversity/inclusion, stigma, social interactions, and autism at work.

Karina Jorritsma
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My research interests are in work design.

Eugene Kim
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My current areas of research include workplace victimization and employee well-being.

Kostadin Kushlev
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I study employee well-being, stress, organizational communication, productivity, virtual teams, and technology-enabled training.

Richard N. Landers
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I study the intersection between technology/data science with employee assessment/hiring, learning, and research methods.

Tom Lee
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My research interests are in employee retention and turnover.

Margaret Luciano
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My research program involves taking a multilevel, multi-team approach to facilitating transitions in healthcare systems.

Michele Ingram Mobley

I am interested in assessment, selection, and development.

Kathryn Narciso

I am interested in improving teamwork skills for personal development.

Raymond Noe
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My research focuses on new ways of learning such as informal learning and autonomous learning.

Fred Oswald
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I study workforce policy and school-to-work transitions.

Sharon K. Parker
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My research interests are on work design, job design, proactivity, self-efficacy, teams, organizational change, performance, health and well-being, and leadership.

Charles Parsons
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I am interested in person-organization fit and socialization.

Ann Pearman

My interests in work psychology are primarily focused on the transition from older worker to retiree.

Ruperto Perez
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My research focuses on collegiate mental health, sexual orientation and gender diversity, and diversity and inclusion.

Jose M. Peiro
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I am interested in work and organizational psychology.

Marcelo Afonso Ribeiro
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I am interested in career construction, working identity, unemployment, and decent work.


Frederick Rice

I am interested in work, organizations, and work behaviors.

Cort W. Rudolph
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I study the aging workforce from a lifespan developmental perspective.

Deborah E. Rupp
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I conduct research on workplace bias, employee justice, behavioral ethics, and corporate social responsibility, as well as on behavioral assessment and legal issues pertaining to equal employment opportunity. 

Mahima Saxena
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My research focuses on humanitarian work psychology, work and well-being, and decent work.

Cody Scarborough

My research interests are workplace wellness, leadership consultation, and wellness technology. 

Kraig Schell
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My research is on motivation, educational assessment, and applications of error theory.

Mindy Shoss
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My research examines work stress and coping, job insecurity, adaptive performance, and counterproductive work behavior.

Kenneth Shultz
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My primary research interests include mid and late-career issues, bridge employment, successful aging at work, and retirement. 

Christina E. Shalley
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My primary research interest is on creativity/innovation. This work is conducted at both the individual and team level.

Rob Snyder
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My research applies social cognitive neuroscience to organizational questions.

Sabine Sonnentag
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I study how individuals can stay healthy, energetic, and productive at work, even when they face a high level of job stressors.


Kibibi Springs

I am interested in workplace well-being, stress management, stress recovery, and work engagement.

Dori Stiles

I am interested in aptitudes and natural abilities.

Donald M. Truxillo
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I am interested in the intersection of aging and work, especially from the standpoint of job design and age stereotyping.  I also study worker stress and the impact of hiring practices on workers.

L. Michelle Tullier
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I am interested in the psychology of work, purposeful work, and workplace competencies.

Mo Wang
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I am interested in older worker employment and retirement.

Jürgen Wegge
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My research interests are in the fields of work motivation, leadership, demographic change, occupational health, and diversity.
Howard M. Weiss
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My research seeks to understand the first-person experience of working, from the immediate episodic feeling of what it is like to be working to the broader autobiographical narratives that people create to provide coherence for their work lives. This includes interests in emotional states, focus of attention, episodic structures of personal experience, and sense of self and agency at work.
Hannes Zacher
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My research interests are in aging at work.
Craig Zimring
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 My expertise lies in the field of evidence-based design of healthcare. My research focuses on understanding the relationships between the physical environment and human satisfaction, performance and behavior, focusing on settings where design impacts people at the most important times of their lives and where technical and social change provides opportunities for innovation.