Journal of Research in Personality Call for Extended Abstracts
Special Issue on The Role of Personality in the Experience of Working and in the Workplace
Editors: Nathan T. Carter & Filip De Fruyt
Important Dates:
1 June 2018:                Extended abstracts due for proposed papers
1 July 2018:                Authors of selected proposals notified
15 December 2018:    Full submissions for selected proposals due
Personality is known to play a critical role in a variety of life domains, including work. Work has many definitions, but in the broadest sense is construed as an activity involving mental or physical effort in order to achieve a purpose or result. In the spirit of this broad definition, this special call for papers on the role of personality in the experience of working and in the workplace encourages the submission of articles aimed toward a substantive understanding of how personality can help explain not only behavior in the workplace, such as key dimensions of performance, but also toward understanding its role in the subjective experience of work and working. Notably, this is not limited to traditional workplace settings nor work done for financial gain, and can include volunteer work and hobbies. We are open to a variety of methodological and philosophical perspectives and hope for this special issue to be an eclectic and interesting collection of papers with multiple perspectives on the role of personality in working and in the workplace. We hope for this special issue to include experts from a variety of background and strongly encourage from all subdisciplines in psychology. Examples topics include, but are not limited to:
·      Personality and the meaning of work to the individual
·      The intersection of personality with work attitudes and interests
·      Creativity, including in artistic and academic pursuits
·      Personality and leadership emergence/effectiveness
·      The role of personality in teamwork and collaborative pursuits
·      Personality and decision-making both by workers and those in positions of power
·      Personality and issues surrounding diversity, fairness, justice, and prejudice in the workplace
·      Personality and experience of stress and well-being in the workplace
·      Personality and work-life balance
·      Developmental perspectives on the role of personality in the workplace, including aging and retirement
·      Personality and unemployment, layoffs, underemployment, etc.
·      Neuroscientific and psychophysiological perspectives on personality and working
·      Evolutionary perspectives on personality and working
·      Antisocial behavior in the workplace (e.g., counterproductive behavior, harassment)
·      Personality disorders and their role in work and the workplace
Each abstract will be considered by the editorial team and will evaluate (a) its general contribution to how we think about and understand the role of personality as it relates to working and the workplace; (b) the methodological rigor and robustness of the resulting conclusions; and will put a premium on (c) its uniqueness with regard to its perspective on the role of personality in working and the workplace. Although we do not expect all abstracts to represent completed work, we will be more likely to invite abstracts representing work that is closer to completion. All abstracts should introduce the topic, research questions, and/or hypotheses, report the sample, methods utilized, statistical analyses undertaken, the results of the work (or expected results), and the implications for this work for our understanding of the topic.
Submitted abstracts should:
·      Be at least 250 words but should not exceed 500 words in the main body of the abstract, excluding references, figures, and tables.
·      Be submitted using the submission portal, where there will be a drop-down menu for the special issue (http://ees.elsevier.com/yjrpe/) by June 1 2018.
Following review of abstracts, authors will be notified July 1 of 2018 of whether a full paper will be invited for submission. Invited papers will be due on December 15, 2018.